Introducing “True Grit” Equine Educational Tour

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By Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship
The meaning of “True Grit” is to stick to your goals despite numerous issues, problems, setbacks and failures.  True Grit describes a person with firmness of mind, powerful motivation and unyielding courage, a person who has the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges in order to achieve results, accomplishments and reach goals.  This definition of the term “True Grit” describes Russ Krachun perfectly.
Russ always knew that there had to be better ways to communicate with the horse rather than to yank and pull or cause pain through the use of pressure and or tools. This idea inspired Russ to design his “True Grit” equine educational horsemanship program with the horse in mind by using his own philosophy and developing his own methodology; using step by step exercises along with proper timing and repetition.

Russ Krachun’s Kozak “True Grit” tour is an educational equine experience that uses philosophy & methodology like no other; with Russ’ guidance you will learn to develop a true understanding, improve your communication, improve coordination and physical abilities for both yourself and your horse; and develop that special connection and partnership that we all want between our horses and ourselves.  Each “True Grit” tour is designed to build on experience and directly connects to the next, so as you continue to follow Russ through the tour, your knowledge and understanding of his complete philosophy and methodology will grow, and at the end of the tour you will ultimately reach success.
Over the past five years, Russ Krachun has built recognition throughout major equine events throughout North America where he has demonstrated and shared his philosophy & methodology of his Kozak Horsemanship to thousands of spectators and participants.
Russ is excited to invite you to join him at his new “True Grit” educational tour beginning in Ontario, so that you can have the opportunity to experience and learn new methods of communicating with your horse.  Russ will guide and educate you through informative seminars and demonstrations sharing his innovative Kozak Horsemanship program that connects directly to signature horsemanship equipment. This is a very unique complete equine educational program; it is not like other clinics that offer random topics and bits and pieces of information that eventually turns into a mix of soup without improving the results with your horse.
In each scheduled tour you will have the opportunity to follow Russ Krachun through to his next program in sequence enabling his students to learn and understand his complete Kozak Horsemanship “True Grit” Educational Program and understand how each program is connected to the next program.  There are seventeen programs in total that begin in the round pen and end with advanced riding manoeuvers.
Russ Krachun is a “True Grit” horseman that has the courage to challenge the traditional ways of working with horses and his horsemanship style defines a new meaning of the word “horsemanship”.   His methods are inventive and refreshing without aggression and effectively communicate willing understanding responses from the horse through this education.
Don’t miss the first program of Russ Krachun Kozak Horsemanship Educational “True Grit” tour located at Maple Crescent Farm, Campbellcroft Ontario August 19th & 20th /2017 where Russ will demonstrate and share his foundation program “Discover Horsemanship Philosophy & Methodology in the Round Pen.”
Participant Tickets are already sold out for this tour however please purchase your spectator ticket by July 30th and you will receive a FREE downloadable PDF book “Discover Horsemanship Philosophy & Methodology in the Round Pen” at
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