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Written by: Amelia Jaggard
Lindsey Partridge of Pontypool, Ont. is the first equestrian ever to win two champion titles at the International Thoroughbred Makeover.
The Thoroughbred Makeover is held at Kentucky Horse Park and took place Oct. 27-30 in Lexington, KY. More than 300 horses were competing in the ten different disciplines which  included Polo, Barrel Racing, Cow Ranch Work, Trail, Hunter, Show Jumping, Eventing, Field Hunter, Dressage, and Freestyle.
The competition requires trainers to take a retired Thoroughbred racehorse, and retrain them for up to two different disciplines over the course of a year. The Retired Racehorse Project in partnership with Thoroughbred Charities of America is trying to eliminate the stereotype surrounding off-track thoroughbreds with this $100,000 competition. Over the past four years this competition has showcased the trainability and talent of off-track Thoroughbreds.
In 2015, Partridge competed in the Thoroughbred Makeover competition for the first time. She spent the preceding decade coaching and training other peoples horses. After being out of the competition scene for so long Partridge was feeling stagnant, “I felt like I had to do something for me again and my passion for horses, with my own horses.”
After being introduced to the Thoroughbred Makeover through a friends Facebook post, Partridge decided she would purchase two Thoroughbreds to train for the competition in the fall of 2015.
Partridge won the overall title of America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred after taking first and second place in Trail, as well as third and 10th in Freestyle with her two horses Soar and Lion of Wallstreet.
After rekindling her love for competition and working with her own horses Partridge decided to compete again this year with her two new horses Trivia Time and Pentland. She competed in Trail with both Trivia Time and Pentland, Freestyle with Trivia Time, and competed in Field Hunter for the first time with Pentland.
Partridge made history when her horse Trivia Time won both Trail and Freestyle. It is the first time a trainer has won two titles. She also made history when her other horse Pentland qualified for finals and placed third in both Field Hunter and Trail, making her the only trainer to have two horses compete and place in the finals (top three) for both their disciplines.
Partridge contributes Harmony Horsemanship to her success in retraining off-track Thoroughbreds, “Harmony Horsemanship puts a calm connection above and beyond everything else.” It doesn’t matter to Partridge whether a horse she chooses is natural at any particular discipline, she is willing to be flexible for each horse.
When Partridge buys her horses for the Thoroughbred Makeover all she does is sends pictures of the horse to a couple people she trusts for looking at their confirmation and ensures the horse is sound. People have thought it odd that she does not visit the horse first to check their personalities. Partridge says, “I am very confident in how Harmony Horsemanship works.” She argues theres not much point in visiting the horse prior to purchasing, “When you get them off the track that’s not really who they are, they don’t know you and they don’t trust you. They haven’t learned anything really other than being handled and run.”
Partridge has received a lot of positive responses for her continued accomplishments in showcasing the trainability and talent of off-track Thoroughbreds. This feedback has inspired Partridge to purchase new Thoroughbreds to compete at the Thoroughbred Makeover in the fall of 2017.

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