Herbs For Horses

Posted Mar 28th, 2018 in Marketplace Health & Wellness

Herbs For Horses

Herbs for Horses - When You Really Need To Know Whats In The Bucket!

Herbs for Horses

Address: 6 - 558 Massey Road, Guelph, On N1K 1B4

Phone:  1-888-423-7777

Website: www.horseherbs.com

Email: info@horseherbs.com 

At Herbs for Horses, our products are born from a vision of better supplements for your horse. We only source our ingredients from ISO certified & audited companies and our products are free from ‘FILLERS’. If you have a mare that is producing milk for her baby, then our new product is right for you! With a rich source of amino acids, crude protein, high-quality fats and more, you can trust you're giving your new mother something that works! 

TopLine  New Product

Amino acid supplement to assist horses in developing a stronger top line. 

Feisty Mare & Serenity

2 FEI-safe, effective treatments to calm emotional peaks and valleys, or settle queezy stomach cramps.

Feisty mare reduces stress tension, irritability and anxiety caused by hormonal imbalance in mares, geldings and stallions. A safer alternative to chemical hormonal modification by injection. 

Serenity reduces ill temperament, anxiety and tension, making everyday handling and training easier. 

Herbs for Horses Feisty Mare & Serenity

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