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Posted Mar 28th, 2018 in Marketplace Equine Products, Marketplace Health & Wellness

Remarkably Effective, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Omega Alpha for your horse's health. Are you Serious?

Omega Alpha health products for serious equestrian competitorsSerious Competitors Choose Omega Alpha

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If you're serious about joint health Omega Alpha has specific formulas to keep your equine athlete in to form all season long. 

Liquid formulas absorb easier than powders.

All of our liquid joint formulations start with the bioavailable form of D0Glucosamine providing greater incorporation into the joins 5000mg per 30ml serving.

Potent anti-inflammatory herbs for healthy joints, muscles and ligaments. 

Sinew X

contains 3500mg of MSM plus 3 anti-inflammatory herbs per 30ml dose. 

Sinew-X + HA

is MSM free to comply with some competition rules (MSM - AKA Dimethyl Sulfone - Methyl Suffonyl Methane). Sinew X + HA has 5 anti-inflammatory herbs and 100 mg of short chain Hyaluronic acid per 30ml dose. 

What Our Clients Think

  • Horses are all natural, where possible use all natural fibres when putting a blanket on, or even your saddle pad.
    ~Crochet Do Dads

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