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Posted Mar 28th, 2018 in Marketplace Transportation

Sundowner From Via Trailers!

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Address: RR #1, 8782 Longwoods Road, Mt. Brydges, ON N0L 1W0

Phone:  (519) 264-2354



For over 40 years Sundowner has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of horse trailers. Safety for Sundowners user and their precious cargo has always been our number one priority. We offer an endless array of all aluminum models to satisfy every user's need and strive to produce trailers at affordable prices without sacrificing the Sundowner quality that customers expect. Sundowner takes pride in constant product development and improvements to stay ahead of the industry in both ease of use and functional amenities that make haling more enjoyable for Sundowner owners and their horses. From a small two horse bumper pull to the largest luxury living quarters, Sundowner offers a horse trailer for everyone!

Santa Fe Living Quarters

Easy to Live In

A hot shower, a healthy meal a good night's sleep -- all in your Sundowner Santa Fe living quarters. And you'll appreciate the air conditioning and other features in this fully equipped living quarters trailer. It's never been easier to load up the horses and hit the road!

Easy to Handle

The aluminum Santa Fe is lightweight, perfect for lighter trucks. Plus, its compact design makes it easy to pull and maneuver. 

Easy to Afford

More than anything, you'll like the price of the Santa Fe -- whether you choose a 6905 model or upgrade to the 6906 with a full sofa or dinette. Owning a Sundowner living quarters has never been so easy. 

What Our Clients Think

  • Horses drink at least 25 gallons of water a day (more in hotter climates).
    Healthy Pets

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