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Herbs For Horses

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Herbs For Horses

When you really need to be sure what's in the bucket. 

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Herbs for Horses Announces $50,000 Graduate Scholarship Program at the University of Guelph

In the equine nutraceuticals space, Herbs for Horses has been ahead of the curve for as long as there’s been a curve. Since 1997 this innovative, integrity-centered, family-run business has sought out and developed healthful, scientifically-validated solutions for the modern horse. And while the marketing machine of equine supplements has brought waves of new companies into — and often abruptly out of — the field of view, Herbs for Horses has quietly and decisively set the bar for standards in this industry.
What makes Herbs for Horses unique is that since our inception we have stayed fully committed to our vision: to blend our ancestral resource of medical plants with contemporary, objective scientific testing. While other companies claim that their products are “backed by science,” there are very few that actually conduct independent research studies on their products. And even fewer can confidently say they have invested an average of $50,000 per year in research into the safety and efficacy of their own products over the past 20-plus years. So, when you purchase Herbs for Horses products, you are buying products that have developed from years of objective research. Can YOUR equine supplement manufacturer say that? 
As part of Herbs for Horses’ ongoing commitment to education and knowledge in equine medicinal plants, we have just launched an unprecedented Scholarship Program at the University of Guelph, worth $50,000 over five years. This scholarship is a philanthropic game-changer for students interested in equine science, with the benefits being felt not only by the student recipients, but also by the equine supplement industry as a whole. This scholarship will help to attract top graduate students to the field of equine supplements, increasing the depth and breadth of knowledge that will advance our industry to a new level of maturity and credibility. Does YOUR equine supplement manufacturer do that?
The Herbs for Horses Graduate Scholarship in Equine Health was established by OAC graduate Ralph Robinson (OAC ’85), as thanks for a great educational experience at Guelph. This award is designed to encourage students to pursue research projects that contribute to equine health and nutrition. The scholarship will be an annual award of $10,000, payable over two semesters, to a different recipient each year for five years. Department nominations are due to the OAC Awards Office ( by September 1st. Selection will be based on the quality of research proposal and academic excellence.
Students must be registered in a MSc program offered by the Department of Animal Biosciences who are conducting equine research. Preference to students who are conducting research in equine botanical medicine, equine nutraceuticals, equine nutrition, or equine physiology.

“As someone who was once a grad school hopeful with a passion for equine science, I can attest to the critical importance of this type of financial support. With this scholarship, Herbs for Horses has made graduate studies in equine physiology and nutrition a reachable goal for students who might otherwise not have the opportunity. It will also help to attract top graduate students to the equine supplements field, increasing the depth and breadth of knowledge that will advance the equine supplements industry to a new level of maturity and credibility.”
Wendy Pearson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Equine Physiology, Dept of Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph.

When you really need to be sure what’s in the bucket!

herbs for horses

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