Herbs For Horses

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Herbs For Horses

When you really need to be sure what's in the bucket. 

Natural Horse & Canine Supplements


herbs for horses

Address: 6 - 558 Massey Road, Guelph, On N1K 1B4

Phone:  1-888-423-7777

Website: www.horseherbs.com

Website: www.caninesupplements.ca 

Email: info@horseherbs.com and info@caninesupplements.ca 

An article in  The Rider explains why Omega-3 is so important for us, our dogs and horses!

When you really need to be sure what's in the bucket! 

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We deliver only the best, which is why we search the world for ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver results! Using only the higest quality natural ingredients from Food Safety Certified suppliers, we formulate for winners!


  • Boost the immune system with IMMUNE XL
  • Increase stamina with QUICKen
  • Heal joins with HYALcare (Industry highest HA level)
  • SYNOVicare, Mobility + OSTEOaid
  • Build muscle with M.E.G.O.
  • Get respiratory relief with Breathe, LUNGcare + KICK the Cough
  • Improve performance with ENDUROlytes, Nature-E, TOPline, OMEGA 3 OILS, + SCAA
  • Improve digestion with world-leading PROBIOplus 

Canine HerbsDigest Aide

Digestion plays a key role in your dog's overall health! 

  • assists in digestion
  • stimulates growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract
  • promotes bowel health
  • improves coat quality
  • increases metabolism
  • reduces stomach upset
  • decreases flatulance
  • lessens bad breath

What Our Clients Think

  • Horses are all natural, where possible use all natural fibres when putting a blanket on, or even your saddle pad.
    ~Crochet Do Dads

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