Herbs For Horses

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Herbs For Horses

When you really need to be sure what's in the bucket. 

Address: 6 - 558 Massey Road, Guelph, On N1K 1B4

Phone:  1-888-423-7777

Website: www.horseherbs.com

Website: www.caninesupplements.ca 

Email: info@horseherbs.com and info@caninesupplements.ca 


Current research funded by Herbs for Horses in underway at the University of Guelph in partnership with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. Part of this work, which is funding one PhD student, is evaluating the effect of including ProbioPLUS in a ‘robogut’ model of the equine hind gut. This will help to clarify the role of ProbioPLUS in stabilizing hindgut pH and promoting growth of a healthy microbiome. A second study provides funding for an MSc student, and is evaluating the effect of dietary PribioPLUS in actively racing Standardbred horses receiving oral antibiotics. Results of these studies are expected early 2021.

When you really need to be sure what’s in the bucket!

herbs for horses

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