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Brooks Performance Horse Feeds

Brooks Performance Horse Feeds #1

Brooks Performance Horse Feed is Dedicated To The Production Of High-Quality Horse Feeds In Ontario And Quebec!

Brook Performance Horse Feeds

Address: 1580 Hwy 7A, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B5

Phone: (905) 985-7992



Brooks Feed Store has long been dedicated to the production of high-quality Horse feeds for the horse owners of Ontario and more recently in Quebec. Brooks has strived to produce feeds using only the finest ingredients and the utmost attention to detail.

Looking good at Glenaura Farm

Andrea Pease considers equine well-being a priority at Glenaura Farm. the farm has a private, quiet atmosphere where horses can live out their days with plenty of room to roam in a moe natural herd environment. 

This 24-year-old arrived on July 29th and immediately went on a Brooks feeding program of "Senior" and Equi-Jewel. In just a month with good pasture and Brooks Feeds he has already made amazing progress. 

Brooks "Senior" is a calorie dense formula with added fat, lots of fibre and health maintaining minerals and vitamins. "Senior" is an excellent choice for your long-time equine buddy or for conditioning a recovering or neglected older horse. Equi-Jewel and/or Flax Appeal add that extra boost in calories and conditioning. 

Thanks to Andrea Pease for sharing the photos and choosing Brooks at Glenaura Farm.

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What Our Clients Think

  • Horses are all natural, where possible use all natural fibres when putting a blanket on, or even your saddle pad.
    ~Crochet Do Dads

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