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Big Bale Buddy

Big Bale Buddy #1

Round bale hay feeders and slow feeders for all bale types.


Slow Bale Buddy

slow feed hay nets completely enclose the hay so that the animals must pull the hay through the netting to eat it, which improves digestive health by slowing consumption and mimicking grazing while completely eliminating waste. Excellent for feeding hay to horses, cattle and all unhorned animals. Available in sizes to fit all round and square bales.

Big Bale Buddy

round bale feeders are a safe and economical way to keep your round bales clean and contained in muddy and windy conditions. The Big Bale Buddy also helps to keep the hay dry by shedding water off the sides and protecting the bottom of the bale. An excellent and affordable way of feeding round hay bales to horses, cattle, llamas, alpacas, deer, elk and bison. Available in 3 sizes.

Quality and Customer Service

We pride ourselves on having a name equestrians trust, with the best quality Slow Feed Hay Nets and Round Bale Feeders on the market today. We back it up with our One Year Warranty, the only warranty of its kind on the market today. Contact us directly for quick resolution on any warranty issues.

Phone: 866-389-9952


Address: 2267 Monck Road, Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0


Big Bale Buddy

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  • Horses are all natural, where possible use all natural fibres when putting a blanket on, or even your saddle pad.
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