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McIntosh Pro Line

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The McIntosh Family Is Proud To Have Served The Equine Community For Over 60 Years!

mcintosh proline

Support Healthy Joints! 

Address: P.O. Box 370, 779 Kent Rd. #1, Wheatley, ON N0P 2P0

Phone: 1-877-825-7325



Every Breath Counts

Airways 101
is a blended combination of herbs found to assist the respiratory tract.
Allergies, Coughing, Weepy Eyes, Respiratory Bleeding

Sugar Free Hydration


Replace nutrients lost through sweat and hard work

Branched Chain Amino Acids
Increase Energy Level *Endurance * Prevent Fatigue

What Our Clients Think

  • Horses are more secure and comfortable when trailering if they can face the rear, but they prefer openings.
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