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Remarkably Effective, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Omega Alpha for your horse's health.  

Omega Alpha health products for serious equestrian competitorsThe Cool Horses Use It

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Chill™ & Chill Ultra Paste™

  • Promotes and enhances relaxed behaviour
  • Supports and maintains normal disposition
  • Hels focus the mind on the task at hand
  • Does not make the horse sleepy or dopey
  • Will not negatively affect performance
  • Can also be used for horses with trailer fright, behavioural problems, stall rest or for separation anxiety.

Chill™ is a calming formula that is formulated with documented botanicals used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalism to stabilize psycho-emotional distrubances. It is used to calm excitable horses, especially those with pre-performance jitters. Give 30-100ml (1oz-3.3 oz), 1 hour prior to exercise or performance. Place directly into the mouth for best results, before traveling or stressful situations. 

Chill Ultra Paste™ is used to calm excitable horses especially those with pre-performane jitters. Same great formula as Chill™ with the addition of Magnesium Sulphate and Vitamin B1. This formula is conveniently packaged in an easy travel, 60cc dial-up syringe with a palatable, gel-paste consistency. Simply administer 30-60cc, 1 hour prior to stressful situations. 

See The Omega Alpha Difference • Canada 1-800-651-3172 • USA 1-877-436-1221 

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