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Remarkably Effective, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Omega Alpha for your horse's health.  

Omega Alpha health products for serious equestrian competitorsSeasonal Allergies Can Affect Health & Performance

Address: 795 Pharmacy Ave., Toronto, ON M1L 3K2

Phone: 1-800-651-3172


Try our 3 in 1 formula Respi-FreeTM

RESPI-FREE™ contains three of our best products to support a healthy respiratory system Airwaves TM, Lung Flush TM, Herba Coif™. Use a dosing syringe for best results.

A strong immune system fights viruses & pathogens.
Act DEFENSIVELY by supporting immune function & healthy gut microbes.
Three specific formulas that support healthy immune function are Healthy HorseTM or Immune PlusTM & Biotic 8TM.

Each serving of Healthy Horse™ 4 in 1 contains
Hemex™ which promotes the production and maintenance of red blood cells
Liver Flush™ which stimulates toxin removal while supporting liver function
Lung Flush™ Lung support for a healthy respiratory system, helps stimulate drainage
Immune PIUS™ Enhances immune function while restoring energy levels

The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines™

Biotic 8™ is a fa rm manager's best friend. Biotic BrM is the most broad-spectrum Prebiotic & Probiotic digestive tract formula that promotes better intestinal health for all stages of life.

See The Omega Alpha Difference • Canada 1-800-651-3172 • USA 1-877-436-1221 

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