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Hockley Hills School of Horsemanship & Aitchison Show Horses Say Thank You

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Thank You

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So far 2020 has been a year filled with fear, sadness and uncertainty in the world. It will be a year that we will never forget! We will be talking about this year for decades. The stories will be passed down to our grand children, future generations will be taught about the events of 2020. COVID-19, the Nova Scotia shootings, the Canadian Navy helicopter crash, our famous Snowbird crash... and for our family the worst nightmare of any farmer, A BARN FIRE!

On the evening of May 8, 2020 a stranger knocked at our door and told our family that he could see smoke coming from our barn. Hockley Hills School of Horsemanship & Aitchison Show Horses’ fulltime training facility, breeding, riding school and summer camp operation was on fire with 19 horses inside!

“Look For The Helpers. You Will Always Find People Who Are Helping” - Fred Rogers


No words can express the gratitude that we feel towards David and Rachel Nichol who decided to stop and knock on our house door that evening. Their decision to stop saved the lives of 19 of our horses and our special barn cat Kippins whom were in for the evening.

To everyone who volunteered manpower, donated supplies, feed, shavings, food, gave monetary donations and support we thank you for the bottom of our hearts.
We are truly blessed to be part of such an amazing horse family and the community of Dufferin County.

To the Orangeville, Grand Valley, Caledon, Shelburne and Alton Fire Departments, your courage is beyond extraordinary, we have a new profound admiration and respect for you brave men and women. Thank you for risking your lives to help us!


#1 - Things CAN be replaced. Lives CAN’T!
#2 - Insurance, Insurance, Insurance! Grab your policy and read it from top to bottom. Call your broker and ask questions!!!
#3 - Park your equipment FAR from the barn! Did you know that one of the largest causes of barn fires is from parking combusted powered equipment, like a tractor, within 80’ from your barn. A tractor parked beside our barn was the cause of our fire.
#4 - Fire plan VS Fire prevention. You can have the best Fire Plan laid out but how is your Fire Prevention Plan? You never know what hides behind the walls of an older barn. We were trying to be proactive. We had just finished installing arc-fault receptacles in our fuse panel by a certified electrician in order to prevent power surges caused by corrosion or rodent damage. What is hiding behind your walls?
#5 -Take advantage of programs to help farmers out. One example is that Hydro One helps farmers by offering up to $2000.00 in free lighting incentives. They will help with the cost of replacing your lighting to LED. Take advantage of this amazing program by visiting or calling 1-866-932-8283.
In closing don’t forget to HUG your family, KISS your dog, get out to the barn and ENJOY the pleasures that HORSES bring to your LIFE!

Julie Huppe, Dave Aitchison and Family
Hockley Hills School of Horsemanship & Aitchison Show Horses Orangeville, Ontario

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