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Equine Massage Therapy School

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Equine Massage Therapy School

Learn Equine Massage Therapy Today!

The School of Equine Massage & Rehabilitation Therapies

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We have various classes to help with your equine massage therapy education. Join us for either of our 6-day massage courses and become a certified equine massage therapist or our 6-week course and become a certified advanced equine massage therapist. 

Learn from a teacher with over 30 years of massage experience - Sidonia McIntyre RMT, CEMT, CCF

6 Day Course

In this intensive in person course, learn: the complete massage of the horse, massage theory, massage manipulations – technique and purpose, the health check, lymphatic drainage, lower limb swelling reduction, increase circulation to the hoof, assessment of common physical issues and the massage solution, trigger point theory, introduction to business acumen, over 10 safe stretches for both horse and human, and so much more! Course includes a full colour course manual written by the instructor. Pre-course homework that is accessed through the web site for all registrants prepares students for an amazing learning experience!

This is a certification course: Certified Equine Massage Therapist.

The cost of this course is $995 + HST

July 16-21, 2024 Guelph, ON

July 23-28, 2024 Ottawa, ON

September 24-29, 2024 Guelph, ON

See web site for all other courses offered nationally in Canada

6 Week Advanced Massage Professional Program

This Program has been designed for the serious horse lover who is dedicated in bettering the life of the horse through an educated and caring touch. In this very intensive 6 Week Program that runs Monday-Friday, students will learn:

The complete massage of the horse, the equine health check, horse handling techniques to bring together the mind of the horse and the therapist so that both are equal partners in moving forward in the heath care ideal. Horses have opinions, and knowledge of what ails them; we encourage this discussion so that both horse and human can work together to find the correct approach toward optimum healing. The Vertebral Realignment Course, saddle fit, lymphatic drainage, advanced palpation, over 30 advanced assessments along with all of the manual manipulation solutions, advanced business acumen, (a vital part of this course as students are coached so that they are ready to begin their careers immediately), magnetic massage, 50+ stretches that are safe for both practitioner and horse, and so very much more! Pre-course homework – more than the 6 Day Course – is accessed for all registrants so that they can prepare for this very intense Program. This Program comes with 2 full colour manuals written by the Instructor of the Program. The 6 Day Course is not a pre-requisite. Certification: Certified Advanced Equine Sports Massage and Vertebral Realignment Therapist Cost of a amazing education: $3999 + GST/HST

This Program is offered in only 2 locations in Canada

July 29-September 06, 2024 Edmonton, AB

September 30-November 08, 2024

A little bit about the Instructor…

Sidonia McIntyre, is a Registered Massage Therapist who brings over 34 years of massage experience to her students. She has taken multiple courses during her career as an RMT and has transposed her work from human to horse – working with the horses as her guides to what works best for them. She continues in her work with horses with her EAGALA level II Equine Psychotherapy Facilitator, is a Certified Coach Facilitator, holds a Diploma with Distinction from the University of Guelph in Equine Health Sciences, continues her teaching techniques as she pursues her Teaching Certificate from Vancouver Community College, and loves to learn from resources all around her - including her students. "We all have something to share; we just need to have a caring, sharing environment so we feel confident in giving of ourselves so that we can better our lives and the lives of those all around us - including the horses!" Sidonia McIntyre
Please do visit the web site with a cup of coffee and settle in to read all about the courses – there is loads of information on both of these classes and do reach out with any questions anytime!

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