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New Product Simplifies The Task Of Fence Rail Installation

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All it takes is two screws to temporarily fasten the tool to your fence post.

Farmhand Innovations invention RailFast™, simplifies the task of fence rail installation and makes it a one person job.

All it takes is two screws to temporarily fasten the tool to your fence post. The brackets slide smoothly into their desired slots, you place your rails, and affix. RailFast™ looks to be a game changer for fence rail installation, especially at an economical price.

Owner, Kristen Fritz, created RailFast™ after years of struggling to install and maintain post & rail fencing on her farm in British Columbia. “I was on my own, no farmhand or financial resources to hire help. I thought, I can’t be the only one out there that needs a tool to hold my rails in place for easy installation.”

After sourcing Allied Metal Manufacturing Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer in Calgary, Alberta, prototypes were made, tested and perfected. One of the most important factors when creating the RailFast™ product was ease of use. With bracket slots every two inches on the main rail, it’s a matter of seconds to adjust your bracket placement for your desired fence configuration. As well, the bracket design was made with versatility in mind. “I wanted it to work for anyone installing fence rails, regardless of board size and of course to accommodate round rails too.” Being manufactured out of 10 gauge galvanized steel, RailFast™ is sure to endure all of your fence rail installation and repair needs.

Each set includes everything you need to install a one to four rail fence. Two main rails, eight brackets and a large tool bag, useful to hold everything you need to get your fencing project completed easily, efficiently and on your own.

Whether you are a DIY homesteader, equestrian facility operator, lifestyle farmer or a fencing contractor, RailFast™ is a valuable tool to have on hand.

Farmhand Innovations is currently accepting affiliate and distributor partnerships for their RailFast™ product, which also has US Provisional Patent protection in place.

Visit for more information, check out their how to video and to order.

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