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Hamilton Hosts Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training

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Hamilton Hosts Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training

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Props included Rusti, Equine Guelph’s life-size and very hefty horse mannequin.

Hamilton Mounted Police understand the value of preparedness and were happy to host another Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training workshop by Equine Guelph on March 30, 2022 at the Ancaster Fairgrounds.

Participants from Hamilton Mounted Police, Hamilton Fire Department and McKee-Pownall Equine Services were hands on, working together on the rescue scenarios using props including Rusti, Equine Guelph’s life-size and very hefty horse mannequin.

“Proper use of specialized equipment and positioning of webbing around the body of the animal is so important to the positive outcome of lifting or dragging a large animal to safety,” says lead instructor Victor MacPherson.

The team went to work, practicing successful outcomes for situations they may be called upon to respond to in the future. Participant, Sergeant Denise Leonard of the Hamilton Mounted Police explains, “If we train once a year hands-on, it will make us that much more prepared if it happens on the street.” Leonard also described the enormous value of working with the other participants from the fire department and veterinarians, in the roles that would be assumed in a real emergency.

Watch the Video:

An introduction to horse behaviour was among the essential skills presented to the workshop participants to facilitate working safely through emergency situations.

A vehicle collision scenario and trailer rescue were set up for the team to work on an appropriate plan of action using the incident command system. Considerations such as containment, personal protection, and the safest way to use equipment to extricate the large animal were covered in detail.

All large animal incidents regardless of cause or scope, present a risk of injury to responders. The way to improve the odds of a favourable and safe outcome for both animals and responders is through proper training of best practices and how to use rescue equipment. Equine Guelph’s program was implemented in 2014 and has continued to grow to expand its offerings to a varied group. If you are interested in helping to build this program or would like to discuss offering this program in your area or to your members, please contact Equine Guelph. It can be offered on a cost-recovery basis, or through sponsorship, to communities/individuals who would like to expand the reach of this training program.

Equine Guelph thanks the supporters, facilitators and participants of these important large animal emergency rescue workshops.

For more information or to bring a course to your location visit and contact Dr. Susan Raymond at .


Top Photo: Large Animal Emergency Rescue Participants March 30, 2022.

Bottom Photo: The team works together utilizing a backwards drag and rescue slide in a simulated rescue.

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