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Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency Memorandum

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Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency Memorandum

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FROM: Lisa Foss, Executive Director, Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency

Summary of upcoming changes to the Elimination Guidelines

The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) is advising the Canadian horse racing industry of upcoming changes to the Elimination Guidelines (EG). Veterinarians and trainers should adjust their treatment protocols before the changes described below come into effect on April 3, 2023. The EGs on CPMA’s website will be updated at that time.

All EGs for medications not listed here will remain the same.

Only the EGs currently published on the CPMA’s website should be relied on when making treatment decisions for a racehorse.

The CPMA strongly recommends that you consult your veterinarian on any decision to administer supplements or medications to a horse.

If you have any questions, please contact the CPMA at 1-800-268-8835 or

To see the full CPMA notice and upcoming Elimination Guidelines changes, please see:

Source: Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario


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