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Realty With Ruth July 2023

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The unthinkable… let's be prepared!

Top Tips for getting Top Dollar for your home with Ruth Armstrong a Multi sales award winner and a top realtor with RE/MAX Real Estate Centre.

Top Tips for getting Top Dollar for your home with Ruth Armstrong a Multi sales award winner and a top realtor with RE/MAX Real Estate Centre

With all the wild fires lately I think it's a good idea to revisit safety of our home and loved ones.

In Case of Emergency, Be Prepared
It's almost impossible to predict when a crisis may occur, but there are a few basic measures you can take to be prepared for unexpected weather or life events.

Know Your Evacuation Routes
These may change depending on the situation, so you'll want an idea of the different scenarios you may face. Identify your area's major evacuation centres.

Stay Connected
Sign up for emergency alerts from your local municipalities. Police, Facebook and Twitter pages are great sources for real time updates during emergencies.

Assign Roles
Discuss what each family member will handle in an emergency. For example, mom turns off the electricity and water, dad gets the important documents, kids get the pets, etc.

Consider A Generator
Generators will help you keep the lights on should you lose power. Some are powered by gas. Others by rechargeable battery or solar.

Stock Up
See what already you have. If the electricity goes, use the food in the fridge first before consuming nonperishables. Have at least three days' worth of bottled water ready.

Select Your Meeting Places
Set one in the neighbourhood, one in town and one out-of-town. That way, your family can regroup if something pops up when you're not together.

Collect Important Documents
Store physical certificates, financial and family racords in a waterproof box in case of an evacuation.

Your Pet's Emergency Kit

3-7 days worth of food and water.
Extra litter/ disposable trays
Travel carrier
Pet's documents: Medical records and current photos (In case of separation)
Cage liners
Extra collar, harness or leash
Garbage bags

Access an animal emergency kit from Humane Canada.
Includes a window sticker so rescuers know if your pet is still in the home during a rescue.

For our equine friends, be sure to have halter tags with name and phone numbers on them and an escape route, barn, planned in advance. Have grab bags for your trailers loaded with essentials like a first aid kit, water and carrier buckets.

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REMEMBER: There is no second chance to make a first impression!
Ruth is always reachable if you need assistance or would like a private no obligation to consult whether buying or selling in this difficult Market. Direct Cell: (519) 942-6085 Office (519) 942-8700 or email


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