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Dedication to Pony Club

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"Our members are... some of the most generous people".

By Sommer Burrows

Hi, it’s me, Sommer, again. I wanted to touch on some more aspects of Pony Club.

Let’s talk about our Pony club members. It would seem our members are lifers. They are some of the most generous people. Take Sandra Radcliffe & Krista Breen. They haven’t had children of their own in Pony Club for a couple of years, yet they are still running events, facilitating our education nights and lending out ponies. I was fortunate enough to borrow Sandra’s pony, Pippin, and we did all the events together, cross country, dressage, le trec, and off-property lessons. Sandra even took me on my first hunter pace at Conestoga where the water was so high I thought poor Pip would have to swim to get across, but he made it no problem and kept me safe. I’m sure Sandra could have rode with a friend or one of her children, however, she made the time to take me out for the first time, I know I wasn’t the fastest, but we had a beautiful ride together and although we didn't end up placing that's okay we still had an awesome time. I can’t wait to go on another hunter-pace in the future! I believe this paragraph summarizes what Pony club is all about, dedicating your time and energy to enrich the next generation of equestrians. The most valuable thing you can give someone is your time.

If you’ve ever wondered what it's like to go to Quiz, I am here to tell you it’s fun! Sure there's a test, but it's full of really interesting questions, like what is the correct way to pick a horse's hoof? Or odd tidbits of facts, like did you realize in a collected canter a pony covers less ground. The GPC Moms had a potluck for snacks, we decorated our table with ponies, balloons and glow sticks as well as our GPC colors with table cloths.

I loved my experience at Quiz it was held on Saturday, April 6. Quiz is an event where you take tests and play games. This year they did skits and had a hobby horse obstacle course while they graded our tests. Everyone’s skits were so well done, I especially loved the Hamilton Hunt Club’s skit with the foxes, so clever. I studied really hard for the test with my mom. Our club met a few times leading up to the event, thanks to Joan Connolly for hosting these education nights. She brought full tack bins and different bags of different types of feed. Joan is an amazing asset to GPC, the knowledge she shared with us was amazing. I am happy to report I placed 7th out of 21 Pony clubbers.

I am going to sign off for now with a joke, A horse walks into a bar, and the bartender says Hey! The horse says yes, please.

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