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The Rider’s Springtime Reading - STORMY NORMY Finds His Forever Home

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Universal lessons of resilience, self-discovery and the importance of being true to yourself.

STORMY NORMY Finds His Forever Home
Written by Australian children's author and horse enthusiast, Leisa Fail
Full colour illustrations by Amy Rennie
Published by Ingram Book Co. (March 2024)
Soft cover $23.06 ( 130 pages
Kindle e-book:  $7.99
Suitable for ages 6-11

This charming story takes place in eastern Australia’s high country where wild horses, known as brumbies, roam. The story starts on a wild and stormy night when our 4-legged hero is born. The first chapter sets the scene and introduces readers to the equine characters, then from chapter 2 onwards, Stormy Normy takes up narration from the point of view of a spirited little colt struggling to survive, especially after getting separated from his mum.

Stormy Normy tells of his curiosity when coming across a human’s paddock containing other foals and galloping off to join them even though his mother begs him to stay by her side.

When rancher Peter approaches the little colt, Stormy Normy’s mum is nowhere to be found so our hero becomes a member of this new herd of strangers. Our little hero is forced to navigate the challenges of life from facing abandonment to overcoming bullying and embracing what makes him unique. It’s an inspiring adventure that is not just about a colt finding his forever home, but is also about the universal lessons of resilience, self-discovery and the importance of being true to yourself.

Review by Glenda Fordham for The Rider

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