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Franklin Equine Massage Therapy Helps Heal Your Horse

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Franklin Equine Massage Therapy Helps Heal Your Horse

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“I can also help put together a rehab program for injuries, surgeries," says Rachel Franklin.

Rachel Franklin started her business, Franklin Equine Massage Therapy, in June of 2018 while she was finishing her first year at D'Arcy Lane Institute.

“I discovered equine massage therapy through an event that was hosted at the University of Guelph, said Franklin. The event was called Equine Career Night and it was put on by a group of students in the Bachelor of Bio Resource Management program. They had people from variety of different equine related careers come, and some of them gave talks about their jobs. “That is where a met an equine massage therapist and discovered D'Arcy Lane Institute”. 

D’Arcy Lane, now part of triOS College, offers the Equine Massage Therapy diploma program, which provides participants with the real-world experience they need to flourish as an EMT. As a student you are taught the hands-on skills necessary to start your new career.

When asked what drew her to Equine Massage Therapy, Franklin said “I think what made me want to become an EMT was helping animals feel their best. I spent about 2 years working in a companion animal veterinary clinic before I went to D'Arcy Lane.”

In regards to what services she offers, Franklin said “I provide both equine and canine therapeutic and treatment massages as well as pre and post event massages for shows. Working in the companion animal veterinary clinic is what gave me the idea to add canine massage to my business. There are only a few EMTs that work on dogs as well.”

“I can also help put together a rehab program for injuries, surgeries or just out of shape horses going back into work,” she continued.

“I have spent my whole life around horses, primarily around Standardbreds and Quarter Horses, but I have worked with a wide variety of breeds. Over the course of 4 years, I worked in 2 different companion animal vet clinics.” 

Rachel Franklin usually works within a 2 hour radius of Waterford, Ontario. For more information please contact Rachel at (519) 410-9035, or email

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