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Have You Heard About Working Equitation?

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Working Equitation can be done in any tack western or English, or national styles.

working equitation

There’s a new equine sport starting to appear in Canada.  And you know what it’s a ton of FUN! Working equitation is a great way for equine enthusiasts to learn something new, improve their horses way of going building correct muscling, increasing obedience, courage, trust and confidence in their equine partner!

Working Equitation first made an appearance in Europe in 1996.

It combines dressage, with obstacles that may appear working around a farm or out on a trail, and finally a speed phase to be taken at the riders pace.

Working Equitation can be done in any tack western or English, or national styles.

working equitation competitionThe partnership will first complete a dressage test with levels for basic right up to higher levels.

The next phase will be ease of handling. This phase tests the obedience and partnership of the horse rider as they complete obstacles.  There are twenty different obstacles a course designer can choose from. The horse rider will complete this at their pace. Some of the obstacles include ringing a bell, crossing a bridge, lifting a pitcher, and riding with the garocha pole.  Each of the obstacles incorporates style and enhances the horse’s ability to perform dressage.

The final phase a few of these obstacles are chosen by a judge to be completed at speed; again at the rider’s discretion and appropriate to the level of horse rider.

Canada now has our own working Equitation Association, known as Working Equitation Canada ( We encourage people to check out our website for more information.  There is representation in each province committed to making working equitation available for everyone to try out.

“For me I was looking for something more to do with my horses.  I have done dressage, I have ridden western, I have evented done jumpers; I wanted something more something different. I’m getting older now I have a bad back I don’t enjoy jumping anymore. And I love dressage but to me a horse needs more to keep them motivated and lets be honest unless your going to the FEI levels it can get a bit monotonous.  I wanted something to do that was fun and challenging. Something that welcomed all walks, I’m tired of the animosity between the disciplines. I don’t care what saddle you sit in or breed of horse you prefer. I wanted a place where we could talk and share ideas and be open minded and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts. I have been thru so many disciplines I know there is common ground. There is no reason for the nonsense that can go on. (Did I just mention the elephant in the room?) I believe I have found heaven in Working Equitation.” Says Lise LeMay-Corlett co- director of We Can co- director of Ontario.

working equitation westernI really would like to encourage people to come on out and try a working equitation introduction.  If you like it maybe consider a membership and help us bring the sport to everyone!

In Ontario we will be offering Play days at Seven Summits Equestrian Center

In Elmvale (near Barrie Ontario) (  or call 705-322-8181 or text 705-715-2849)

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