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Hoof Doctor Laminitis | Founder Clinic and the use of Clogs

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Hoof Doctor Laminitis | Founder Clinic and the use of Clogs

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Presented by Hoof Doctor x Equine One and Steve McConnell - Certified Farrier.

A new event is coming to Ancaster next month. “The Hoof Doctor Laminitis | Founder Clinic and the use of Clogs” will be held February 11-13, 2023 at the Ancaster Fairgounds and is presented by Hoof Doctor x Equine One and Steve McConnell - Certified Farrier.

This is a rare, possibly a once in a lifetime, opportunity to learn from two clinicians with a combined 76 years of experience and hundreds of successfully treated laminitic and foundered equines. Presented by Dr. Michael Steward DVM of Oklahoma, United States and Steve McConnell (AFA, OFA, and FITS) of Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Michael Steward spent 40yrs as a veterinarian, treating both large and small animals, in a depressed socioeconomic region where his innovative style saved many patients with minimal cost to the client. Dr. Steward has spoken throughout the U.S. and Europe and his original AAEP paper on this biomechanical orthotic accelerated it's acceptance.

The biomechanics of the clog have revolutionized equine podiatry and been represented in many scientific papers, books and publications.

This 2-day clinic will cover the causes, progression of physiological, morphological and biomechanical changes as well as treatment and recovery from this life-threatening condition. The cost is $150 per day or $250 for the weekend.

Day 1 - Saturday February 11th 9am-5pm:

Dr. Michael Steward, the pioneer of the clog for use in laminitis and founder will explain the history and development of the original "Steward" clog's orthotic effects and benefits.

Madeline Boast, MSc Equine Nutrition, an independent equine nutritionist, will discuss the management of your equine's diet during and after a laminitis/founder diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Stephanie Crawford DC CAC will then discuss the importance of supporting the whole horse utilizing a variety of modalities during treatment and recovery.

Steve McConnell will go through the process of "creating a plan" in order to ensure the best possible outcome, returning the equine to mobility, establishing a team of professionals and realistic expectations and goals for all involved. This will be followed by modifications to clogs and the criterion, precautions and numerous case studies ending the day with a Q&A with clinicians and speakers.

Day 2 - Sunday February 12th, 9am-5pm (approximate finish time):

Starting with a summary of day 1 they will have hands-on demonstrations of clog application for a variety of conditions, scenarios and the safe and efficient removal of clogs. Local veterinarians will be informed of the clinic and if there are current/active cases of laminitis and founder available, that can be transported to the venue safely, Dr. Steward and Steve will treat them on site in the afternoon. McKee-Pownall Equine Service will be providing the clinic with a veterinarian to not only ensure the comfort and safety of any horses there for the live demonstration but will also provide radiographs and venograms prior to and after treatment.

This clinic is open to farriers, veterinarians, veterinary assistants, all equine professionals, trainers, owners and anyone interested in learning more about this life-threatening condition.

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