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King Animal Hospital Acquires Ontario Equine Hospital

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King Animal Hospital Acquires Ontario Equine Hospital

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King Animal Hospital is a privately owned four-story, 60,000 sq.ft. multidisciplinary referral hospital located on 50 acres in King Township.

King City, Ontario - The King Animal Hospital has announced the strategic acquisition of the Ontario Equine Hospital as part of their mission to ensure every animal has access to compassionate and committed care. With this acquisition, the entire OEH veterinary team including Dr. Darryl Bonder, DVM, Dr. Orlaith Cleary, MVB, DACVS, and Dr. Jorge Cruz, DVM, as well as the technicians and support staff, will be joining the team at King Animal Hospital where they will continue to provide care to equine patients, always "Putting the Horse First."

King Animal Hospital is a privately owned, four-story, 60,000 sq.ft. multidisciplinary referral hospital located on 50 acres in King Township, where specialists and technologies can harmonize under one roof. Equine focused technologies include an MRI, standing CT scan with robotic arm, C-Arm fluoroscopy, digital x-ray, as well as other beneficial design features including a 5,800 sq. ft. indoor arena.

“Our vision is to revolutionize animal care and be a catalyst for knowledge exchange in the animal healthcare industry,” said Tracy Jones, CEO of King Animal Hospital. “And because Dr. Bonder and the team at Ontario Equine Hospital share this vision, we know this consolidation helps propel us forward to achieve this goal.”

To this end, joining forces allows King Animal Hospital and Ontario Equine Hospital to combine their strengths, forming a powerful front-line team offering innovative and modern equine veterinary medicine to best support referring DVMs in the equine industry.

“We have always prided ourselves in providing compassionate care to our patients,” said Dr. Bonder, who will be the Chief Medical Officer for the Equine Division at King Animal Hospital. “In this new chapter, we remain deeply committed to the referring veterinarians who have entrusted us with the care of their clients and patients. The new arrangement provides continuity of service and will only strengthen our ability to support the industry for years to come.”

Effective September 1, the team at Ontario Equine Hospital will become part of King Animal Hospital, continuing to operate through the end of the year in their current location and will move to the King Animal Hospital on January 1, 2024.
In addition to its Equine Division, King Animal Hospital will also feature a Small Animal Division which will offer surgery, critical care, dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology, rehabilitation, diagnostics, and more.

“Diagnostics and rehabilitation equipment are definitely important to provide care and improve the lives of our patients,” commented Jones on the underlying values of King Animal Hospital. “But equipment alone will not be the game changer. It is the expertise and commitment of our compassionate, collaborative team that brings true value.”

Founded by Rob and Danielle Scheinberg, the King Animal Hospital offers Equine and Small Animal services within a carefully curated building that has been designed from the ground up to foster care for its patients. Through the King Animal Hospital, the couple are building on their enduring commitment to providing animals with quality care and technology while also supporting a culture of sharing knowledge for the benefit of all.

King Animal Hospital
1265 19th Sideroad, King City
Ontario L7B 1K5, Canada

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