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Horseacholic Anonymous Meeting

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Horseacholic Anonymous Meeting

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Feb. 25th at Southampton Golf and Country Club

There is a Horseacholics Anonymous Meeting being held Feb. 25th at Southampton Golf and Country Club. It opens at 10:30 with brunch at 11:00. and meeting until 2:00. 

The cost is $45.00/person for reserved seating.  Email Ellen at or text 519-270-7578 to reserve your seat. The last date for tickets/payment is Feb. 15th but sooner is better as this tends to sell out.

What is a Horseacholic Anonymous meeting? 

Well we talk horses and horse things.

You know when you bring out your horse pictures at Christmas and everyone groans - well here everyone" is let me look".  We give people a chance to talk about what is going on this year - clinics, shows, rides, etc. and discuss new places that they have founds trailsThis is a great place to meet new horsepeople, arrange new excursions, rant about the mud, and hear past adventures.

This has been a tough year to look after horses so let’s get together and celebrate that we have made it this far.

Prizes for things like the best mud story, add your age and your horses's age for the oldest, take your age and subtract your horses age for the craziest old horse person with young horse.  Who came the furthest etc.

Submitted by Ellen O’Reilly


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