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Pony Club - Horse Show 2024

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Sommer's latest experiences at Meadowlark and Angelstone.

By Sommer Burrows

In this next article, I'm going to discuss my latest experience at Meadowlark and Angelstone. It was Monday morning of the May long weekend my parents and I woke up early, we hooked up the trailer and went to get Pippin at Glen Arden Farms. We cleaned Pippin up and we were on our way to Meadowlark once we arrived my dad went to get my number well my mom and I were tacking up. soon after we located the warm-up ring and I started trotting Pippin around. it wasn't long before I had to go learn my hunter course there were three courses. In the first round, we got fourth and in the second round we got second place and in the last round, we got second place and Reserve Champion. Then we had three jumper classes in which we placed sixth third and fourth it was a fun morning I won a halter and some sugar cubes.

I thought it was really neat it was my first time doing an Optimum time class where you had to get as close to 77 seconds as possible I did really really good I got 74 seconds. After the classes at Meadowlark we took Pippin home, and gave him a good grooming and put him out in his paddock.

It was a busy weekend for us because we had to head to Angelstone, we had to set up Chinook's stall With shavings water buckets hay net cross ties and a salt lick. I was fortunate to take my trainers pony, whos name is Chinook. We switched who I was taking about a week before Angelstone, so I was getting to know her over this weekend, and what she likes best for riding. On Tuesday evening it was time to move in the ponies. We also trailered a pony named Woody For my friend. On Wednesday we had schooling, Which is practice for me and the pony, which we both really enjoyed. I felt confident on Chinook. I showed Chinook the Astamax ring and she went over all the jumps. The next day we had 1 jumper class, and 3 hunter classes. I placed in all 3 of my hunter classes, which was pretty exciting. We have some things to work on in my jumper classes, but with the best Mare and trainer, I know I can overcome them.

We just got home from PPG fun day, which is a practice day for all pony club teams to get together and work on scramble teams to practice the pony games. It was a great day, thanks to Krista Breen for organizing it and for all the parents who helped make it possible. We played 10 games, like The Canadian Game where you take a hockey stick and have to shoot a ball over the goal line. Buckets, where you have to hop off run across buckets and vault back on your horse. My favourite game from today was baton race, because you get to go fast home, I like when you don’t have to pass off and you just get to go quick to home. I’m proud to say the scramble team I was on came home in 2nd place. Congratulations to everyone, it was a great day meeting members of other clubs.

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