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Equine Industry Symposium November 21-23, 2022

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Equine Industry Symposium November 21-23, 2022

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Featuring Horses in Human Health and Learning.

Oct. 25, 2022 (Guelph, Ont.) - The annual Equine Industry Symposium, hosted by the University of Guelph’s Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management - Equine Management degree program, returns this year for its 7th edition on November 21 – 23, 2022. This year’s theme, Horses in Human Health and Learning, featuring Nina Ekholm Fry from the University of Denver and five guest speakers, will focus on the roles horses have when part of human services.

This year’s Symposium aims to educate horse enthusiasts, human service providers and anyone with an interest in the power of horses to improve people’s everyday lives. Attendees will gain an understanding of different types of therapies and learning services where horses are included.

Monday, Nov. 21. The first evening will provide an overview of horses in human health and learning. Featured speaker, Nina Ekholm Fry, from the University of Denver and Dr. Katrina Merkies, equine behaviour researcher from the University of Guelph, will discuss human-horse interactions in various services and current research.

Tuesday, Nov. 22. This session will focus on therapy services which include horses. Dr. Katy Schroeder, a mental health professional, will discuss how equine interactions are incorporated into the process of psychotherapy. Sarah-Michelle Senecal, an occupational therapist, will give an overview of how equine movement is incorporated into occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech-language pathology.

Wednesday, Nov. 23. The final session focuses on learning services where horses are featured. Lynn Thomas, CEO of Arenas for Change (ARCH), will discuss ways that interactions with horses can contribute to social-emotional learning and personal growth. The session also tackles the confusing topic of adaptive (therapeutic) riding where Hayley Edwards, CanTRA senior instructor, will explain what adaptive riding is and is not.

The annual Equine Industry Symposium aims to expand our knowledge about horses and facilitate crucial industry relationships. At the end of the 2022 Symposium, we hope attendees will continue the conversation regarding horses and their involvement in human health care and learning services.

Registration is now open and free of charge. Learn more here and be sure to stay tuned to @equinesymposium on Instagram and Facebook. Learn about previous Equine Industry Symposium sessions on the BBRM Equine Management YouTube channel.

About Equine Guelph:

Equine Guelph is the horse owners' and care givers' Centre at the University of Guelph in Canada. It is a unique partnership dedicated to the health and well-being of horses, supported and overseen by equine industry groups. Equine Guelph is the epicentre for academia, industry and government - for the good of the equine industry as a whole. For further information, visit

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